Open a Position

1. Select a vault in Multiply

2. Select your deposit token, token amount, and multiply amount

You can deposit either the underlying asset (eg. SOL), or the yield-bearing asset (eg. mSOL or JitoSOL). Kamino's smart contract will auto-swap your assets as needed.

Your position value will always be displayed in the underlying asset value (SOL, USD, or ETH, depending on the multiply vault.)

Note that your Net APY is the key indicator of the yield in the position. Net APY accounts for all yield earned and fees paid in the position: staking yield, borrow fees, and supply interest.

  • If Net APY is positive, your position will be earning yield

  • If Net APY is negative, you will be paying interest for your position to remain open

3. View the simulation of your estimated position & projected earnings in the Overview and My Position tabs

  • The Overview tab shows a simulation of your position, as well as the estimated yield it will earn based on historical data.

  • For example, if the average APY over the past 180 days was 10%, your "Estimated Net Earnings" will be 10% for the 180-day period. This allows you to get an idea of the yields you can expect.

  • In the My Position tab, you can see an in-depth simulation of your estimated position values before completing your deposit.

3. Complete deposit

Note that kToken Multiply positions will have two wallet confirmations

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