Kamino Lend

Kamino Lend (K-Lend) is a set of smart contracts that serves as an autonomous, decentralized matchmaker between lenders and borrowers of crypto assets on the Solana blockchain.

K-Lend employs a peer-to-pool model to facilitate borrowing and lending activity. At any time, liquidity needs to be available for borrowers to take debt, and for lenders to reclaim their assets with interest.

K-Lend is built upon a comprehensive risk management framework to ensure the long-term stability of the protocol by protecting against insolvency. This documentation seeks to detail the types of risks faced by the protocol and the mechanisms put in place to mitigate these risks.

Linked below is the Live K-Lend Risk Dashboard. Displaying most of the metrics and simulations that will be discussed in this documentation, in real time.

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