Token Info

Planned Distribution Overview

  • Ticker: KMNO

  • Total Supply: 10,000,000,000

  • Estimated Initial Circulating Supply: 1,000,000,000

  • Initial Community Distribution: 750,000,000

  • TGE: April 30th, 2024

Community & Grants

Kamino has one of the largest communities in Solana DeFi, as well as numerous projects already building on Kamino’s infrastructure. The goal is for Kamino to further grow as a foundational layer, powering credit and liquidity across the Solana network.

In pursuit of this, 35% of the KMNO supply is allocated to Kamino growth initiatives, which may include builder grants or community incentives. This will be directed via the Kamino treasury.

Genesis Allocation

7.5% of KMNO will be distributed via the KMNO Genesis event on April 30th. This aims to reward existing and long-time users of the platform, other than Restricted Persons.

Liquidity & Treasury — 10%

10% of the supply is allocated to growing liquidity for the KMNO token across various venues throughout the lifecycle of the token. This will be directed via the Kamino treasury.

Core Contributors — 20%

Kamino’s core group of contributors has been allocated 20% of the supply. These contributors work to develop Kamino, covering numerous focus areas such as product, engineering, risk management, growth, and operations.

The contributor allocation will be locked up for 12 months, after which it will vest linearly over 24 months.

Key Stakeholders & Advisors — 35%

Kamino is fortunate to have a strong network of stakeholders and advisors, consisting of investors as well as thought leaders and founders from across the industry. The strategic insights and support from this network have been invaluable to Kamino’s growth over the past 2 years.

35% of the KMNO supply is reserved for these key stakeholders and advisors. This allocation will be locked for 12 months, after which it will vest linearly over 24 months.

KMNO Utility


Kamino holders will be able to stake their KMNO natively on Kamino — this can enable users to earn staking boosts, which will boost their current points earnings.


Should Kamino establish protocol governance, the KMNO token can be implemented as the primary token to engage in specific parts of the protocol’s decision-making. This could include voting on user reward campaigns, protocol grants, revenue allocations, or certain aspects of protocol risk management.

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