Supplying Assets

Supplying into K-Lend is a simple process:

Supply Steps

  1. Go to Borrow/Lend

  2. Choose the asset you want to supply

Supply APY indicates how much yield you will earn by depositing an asset (this does not account for staking APY or kToken fee APY)

  1. Click the Supply button in the Lending list

  1. In the Supply pop-up, select your supply amount and click Supply

  1. If you want to get more info about the market for a specific asset, you can click on the asset to go to its Market page, as seen below:

Once supplied, you will see your Position Details appear at the top of the Borrow/Lend page:


If you want to withdraw an asset, you can click on the hamburger menu for an asset in Position Details (as picture above), and click Withdraw.

Alternatively, you can also click on the deposit button in the list view; and when in the deposit screen, simply click on the dropdown and select Withdraw:

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