Season 2

Season 2 of Kamino Points is the next phase of growth for the protocol

This season will be focused on rapidly growing the Kamino user base, and encouraging users to explore the Kamino product suite. We've designed the points system to be completely dynamic, enabling us to reward certain behaviors on the protocol.

Season 2 will run for ~3 months following the $KMNO Genesis event in April.

How It Works

Using almost any products on Kamino will earn points - from Borrow/Lend, to Liquidity Vaults, to Multiply and Long/Short.

Default Point Rates:

  • Kamino Lend Supply: 1 point per dollar per day

  • Kamino Lend Borrow: 1 point per dollar per day

  • Kamino Liquidity Vaults: 1 point per dollar per day

Boosted Rates:

Various actions on the protocol receive boosted points, enabling users to earn more points than the default rates above. These boosts are dynamic, and can always be tracked on the Rates & Boosts tab.

Staking Boosts

Once KMNO staking is live, users will be able to stake their KMNO tokens to earn boosted points. Points boosts can be multiplied over time, up to a maximum of 200%. For more info on KMNO staking, read here.


We want to encourage users to explore our products, and use them to serve their financial needs. We've designed the boost system to achieve this, while adding some limitations on less productive usage. Read here for more.


Season 1 will culminate in the Genesis Airdrop, which is planned for Q1/Q2 2024. More news will follow.

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