Kamino has been live since 2022. Through the past ~2 years, the protocol has assumed an essential position in the Solana DeFi ecosystem, serving an ever-increasing variety of users.

Even though we believe our products are best in class, there is still so much growth to come—in terms of both our user base and our product suite.

The question now is: What's the best way to grow?

Kamino Points

Rewards & incentives can be an effective way for Kamino to acquire new users, reward loyalty, and ultimately get our products into the hands of users who will find value in using them.

Dynamic Mechanism Design

Kamino Points is powered by a robust points system that can award points at an extremely granular level of protocol usage, allowing us to implement different points rates & boosts for:

  • Collateral Assets

  • Debt Asset

  • Collateral/Debt Combinations

  • Liquidity Vaults

  • Automated strategies such as Long/Short & Leveraged Staking (Multiply)

Furthermore, the system is also built to enable boosts for activities beyond Kamino itself, like actions taken on other Solana protocol, or assets held in your wallet (think NFTs, LP tokens, etc)

Ultimately, the system will primarily be geared toward bringing new users to the platform, and rewarding them for productive product usage.

What's next?

Kamino Points will run concurrently with multiple rounds of $KMNO token drops.

The ultimate goal is to get our products into the hands of users who will find value in using them. Our points and airdrop program aims to attract these users, and incentivize them to stay involved with the protocol.


$KMNO will be distributed via multiple airdrops across several months.

The Genesis Drop is planned for late Q1 or early Q2 2024. This is not a promise, but it is what we are aiming for.

We have no intention of dragging the program out—on the contrary, we want $KMNO live ASAP, and we want to get it into the hands of users who are aligned with our product vision and our vision for Solana DeFi as a whole.

Join us in the journey!

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