Vault Strategies

Kamino provides a strategy for every market condition and risk profile

Kamino vaults deploy liquidity to underlying DEX pools, enabling users to earn yield from volume on the asset pairs. Each time a trade is facilitated by a pool into which a user has deposited, this user earns part of the trading fees on the swap. All earnings from Kamino strategies are auto-compounded back into user positions, so users never have to manually harvest and redeposit their yield.

Kamino offers a diverse range of strategies, which allows you to express your view on the market, while earning yield.

  • If you believe the market is going up, the optimal choice can be vaults that offer 100% exposure to a single asset like SOL, or two volatile assets like SOL & ETH

  • If you believe the market is going down, stablecoin strategies are optimized for earning yield without directional risk

  • If you believe the market is going to move sideways, volatile - stablecoin strategies produce high yields, and are optimal with smaller price movements over an extended time period

Kamino has three overarching strategy types, with a wide variety of assets to deploy for yield within each of these strategies. All of Kamino's vaults fall under the following strategies:

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