Automatically swap tokens for seamless deposits and withdrawals

A CLMM requires assets to be deposited at a certain balance according to the selected deposit range. Kamino's auto-swap is a function that allows users to deposit and withdraw assets at any balance they choose.

Auto-swap Deposits

Auto-swap enables users to make single-sided deposits into any Kamino vault. Upon depositing, a user's assets will automatically be swapped into the correct balance of tokens via Jupiter, after which it is deployed into the vault.

  • Users simply tick the auto-swap box

  • Enter their desired assets & amounts to deposit

  • Interface displays how much of each token will be in the position, as well as total deposit value

Auto-swap Withdrawals

Withdrawals on Kamino have also been optimized for a one-click experience. You can choose to withdraw 100% of your position in either of the desired tokens, or withdraw at the exact balance currently deposited.

To withdraw 100% in a single token:

  • Tick the auto-swap box

  • Select the token & amount you want to receive

  • Click withdraw

If you want to withdraw at the current deposited balance, thus withdrawing both tokens into your wallet, simply:

  • Deselect Auto-swap

  • Move the slider to desired withdrawal amount

  • Click withdraw