Kamino auto-compounds all your DEX earnings right back into your position

With Kamino, you never have to harvest your yield again.

Earning yield is the primary use case for Kamino vaults. Typically, liquidity providers would have to manually harvest their fee earnings, and redeposit it back into their position. This process is inconvenient and less effective.

Kamino automates this entire process. At regular intervals, all the yield earned on your position (DEX fees & DEX rewards) will be automatically harvested and redeposited back into your position. Thus, over time, your fee & reward earnings across all of your positions will increase.

You simply deposit, and watch your fees & rewards accumulate.

Kamino incentives will either auto-compound or be claimable on the Rewards page.

When does auto-compounding happen?

A bot continuously monitors each position on Kamino. Whenever the fee+reward earnings of a position exceeds $0.1, their earnings are auto-compounded. This process occurs every 15 minutes.