Kamino has 3 different fees :

  • Deposit Fee

  • Withdrawal Fee

  • Performance Fee

These fees can vary between vaults, and there is no "standard fee" across the platform.

Deposit Fees

Deposit fees are charged as a percentage of the amount deposited into a vault, and is deducted from the total deposited amount the moment a deposit takes place. Should a user add additional funds to their position, the deposit fee applicable to the vault will also apply to the additional deposit.

Withdrawal Fees

Withdrawal fees are charged as a percentage of the amount withdrawn from a vault, and are deducted from the withdrawal amount the moment a user withdraws their funds from a vault. Should a user withdraw a portion of their deposit, this withdrawal fee will apply to the amount withdrawn.

Performance Fees

Performance fees are charged as a percentage of the profit made from the auto-compounded fees & rewards from a vault. This is not an up-front fee, and is exclusively activated when a user accumulates fees & rewards from the underlying DEX position.

Why Do Fees Vary Between Vaults?

Kamino will have different fee structures based on each vault. Stablecoin strategies typically have far less complexity involved than Mixed Strategies, and thus will usually have lower fees involved.