Step 2: Strategy Setup

This page explores how you can tailor your Creator Vault strategy

With Kamino's strategy automation, vault creators can customize their strategy precisely to their needs. As with any Kamino strategy, Kamino continues to auto-compound fee & reward earnings as long as the liquidity remains in range.

Creators will soon be able to toggle auto-compounding on/off

To start setting up their strategy, creators can choose from a selection of strategy templates:

  • Expander (Coming Soon)

  • Drifter (Coming Soon)

  • Accumulator (Coming Soon)

  • Profit-Taker (Coming Soon)

Within each template, creators have full freedom to customize the parameters.

Strategy Selection

Creators can select any of the strategies in the dropdown:

The strategy type you choose will determine the template for your vault (including its basic behavior and strategy input fields).

For example, if you select the Fixed Range strategy, you will be able to adjust two fields - lower and upper range. Similarly, when you select Tracker, you can adjust two fields, lower and upper range - but this time as percentage values.

The difference here is that the ranges your select in Fixed Range will remain unchanged until you manually change it, whereas the percentage ranges in Tracker will determine at which percentage change your strategy rebalances.

For an overview of each strategy, its optimal asset combination/market condition, and more, see Creator Strategies.

Range & Presets

Once you've chosen your strategy type, you will have a variety of range/parameter presets to choose from. Should you want to choose your own ranges/parameters, you can use the input boxes or liquidity distribution chart.

Once you've selected ranges/parameters for your strategy, you'll see the simulated performance and ranges of your position in the Strategy Simulator.