Step 1: Core Setup

This page covers the core setup of your vault

To get started with Creator Vaults, you can click on the vault dropdown in the Kamino menu and select Creator Vaults. This will bring you to the Create My Vault page, where you can jump into the vault setup process.

Every vault requires three initial parameters:

  • Tokens

  • Fee Tier

  • DEX

Token Selection

LPs can select any two tokens displayed in the dropdown. This selection will be limited to certain tokens that are already trading in the available DEXs. The order of the tokens will default to that of the existing pool. In the above scenario, USDC is the quote token of the pool, thus USDC will default to the right in the UI.

If you wish to see a token added to this list, please reach out in Discord.

Users will soon be able to launch new DEX pools directly from the Kamino Creator Vault interface

Fee Tier (Vault Fee)

The fee tier determines how much trading fees a vault earns as a % of the swap volume of the pool. The available fee options will depend on existing pools on the available DEXs.

How do I choose the right fee?

Most swap volume on Solana is routed through Jupiter, an aggregator that automatically selects the lowest-cost routes for swaps. This means that pools with lower fees tend to get more volume. However, pools with higher fees have more earnings per $ of volume.

Also, keep in mind that these figures will be impacted by the liquidity in the respective pools, thus there is no fixed rule for which fee tier is "better".

You can see how much liquidity and how many depositors each underlying pool has, enabling you to make an informed decision based on general usage.


The DEX that you select may depend on personal preference, available pools, or estimated earnings. Each DEX sees different levels of volume, and the built-in simulator enables you to find the DEX that is optimal for your token and fee combination.

With all parameters selected, you will see the live statistics of the existing pool:

Once you've selected tokens, fee tier and DEX, you can set up your market making strategy.