Creator Vaults

This page will explain Kamino's permissionless vault primitive.

Creator Vaults is a first-of-its-kind liquidity primitive that enables users to create their own DIY automated strategies, simulate their performance, and track their analytics. These vaults use Kamino's infrastructure to rebalance, auto-compound, and monitor performance.

Liquidity providers have freedom to select the tokens, fee tier, DEX, and market making strategy of their vaults.

Creator Strategies

During setup, liquidity providers can choose between various strategy templates to use in their vaults. Each template simply provides a framework that LPs can use to customize their strategy.

Each of the strategy templates are optimally suited to a certain use-case, market condition, or asset pair. Once you've set up a vault it remains fully customizable. At any point in time, you can go to the configuration suite to adjust vault settings or to select a completely different strategy.

Using the vault URL, creators can share their vaults with their network, and allow others to deploy liquidity into their vaults. Creators will soon be able to add fees to their vaults, allowing them to generate income when others use their strategy.

Creator vaults are fully permissionless, fully customizable, automated market making vaults. And it's all on-chain.

Let's dive in.