bSOL Liquidity Program


Kamino has become a key liquidity venue for bSOL and BLZE liquidity, and will continuously receive BLZE incentives across various bSOL farms. Rewards will be announced and renewed every Monday, in the Kamino Telegram.

How To Earn Rewards

To start earning BLZE rewards, users can deposit into any of the incentivized vaults. Upon deposit, the LP tokens (kTokens) will be automatically staked into the Kamino Farm program, and the user will start earning rewards.

Depositors will earn BLZE rewards and automated trading fees that will auto-compound into their positions (read more about how Kamino vaults work here).

Claiming Your BLZE

BLZE rewards are continuously claimable on the vault page, in the My Position tab.

If you have any questions, join the Kamino Telegram.

Note that depositing into these vaults means that you have price exposure to both tokens in the vault. Please read through the liquidity vault risk section to familiarize yourself with the risks of liquidity provision.

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